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The Society for Environmental Exploration
Established in 1989, the Society for Environmental Exploration (SEE) is an international environmental research and conservation non-governmental organisation (NGO). We have a successful track record of wildlife conservation, forest and coastal zone conservation and management, artisanal fishery research, and community based development.

The Society is a registered not-for-profit company, number 02374609.

We are a member of IUCN, the World Conservation Union, and work with a variety of local partners; community resource user groups, government departments, private sector companies, international agencies and other NGOs. You can find all of our partners, funders, sponsors and collaborators on the links page, these include Darwin Initiative, the Community Fund, and Olympus. We are also a Founder Member of the Year Out Group formed to promote the concept and benefits of well-structured year out programmes.

Frontier Programmes and Expeditions
The Society works in collaboration with tropical developing countries in some of the most valuable and threatened ecosystems in the world. These collaborations between the Society and other institutions form Frontier Expeditions, that are widely advertised. Frontier expeditions initiate baseline data collection and then participate in the subsequent establishment of long-term monitoring programmes. The 4 week expeditions also go to remote and challenging environments, combining training in expedition and research skills with the conservation of endangered wildlife and threatened habitats. Whilst providing diverse training opportunities, the expeditions also carry out reconnaissance treks to isolated areas to conduct exploratory work for future Frontier programmes.

Since 1989, Frontier programmes have been established in Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Uganda and Vietnam. Frontier is currently active in Madagascar, Tanzania and Vietnam; researching conservation and management issues in tropical forests, savanna, and coral reef systems. The programmes are managed locally by our established country headquarters in Toliara (Madagascar), Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) and Hanoi (Vietnam).

Frontier - the Field University
Frontier programmes provide the ideal locations for field research of the highest calibre. This is achieved by Frontier staff, visiting research associates from institutes and universities of excellence both within our host countries and from across the globe. The quality of our research outputs and staff led to the society becoming a sponsoring establishment of the Open University in March 1999. This 'field university' status means the Society is able to award its own higher degrees (BPhil, MPhil, PhD) to staff and research associates working on Frontier expeditions.

Frontier's international volunteers
International volunteers participate in data collection on expeditions.
Volunteers participating on 4 week expeditions work alongside Expedition Leaders and highly qualified science staff to execute low impact, rapid biodiversity assessments.
Volunteers participating on 10 or 20 week expeditions work as Research Assistants alongside local natural resource officers, students and scientists from host countries.
Comprehensive internationally-accredited full tuition in survey and monitoring techniques is provided . Research Assistants make an invaluable contribution to scientific data collection as well as contributing towards the funding of expedition operations; thus are essential to the long-term running of Frontier programmes.



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